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Dartmouth Pool celebrates construction milestone with local pupils

DARTMOUTH and District Pool held a ‘topping out’ ceremony, with local pupils attending to celebrate the construction milestone of the last beam being placed atop the structure.

The event marked one more step towards the establishment of an indoor pool in the town.

The Mayor of Dartmouth, Rob Lyon, spoke of the enthusiasm within the community as they have watched the pool taking shape.

He said: “There are people here who have contributed to the swimming pool fund over the last 50 years.

“For a coastal town, it is essential that people learn to swim and feel safe and confident, both working and taking part in activities on the river.

“We will soon be able to ensure that our young people get the opportunity to swim all year round.

“Dartmouth town is proud to be part of this development.”

As the large crowd watched, chairman of the trustees Sir Geoffrey Newman cut the string which sent three dolphin balloons soaring up to the height of the top beam.

At the same time, a group of Year 5 pupils from Dartmouth Academy released a number of eco-balloons, each with a message asking the finder to make contact so they could track how far the balloons travelled.

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