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More dolphins have washed up at Torcross and Thurlestone

THREE more dolphins have washed up in the South Hams after one was found on the Aveton Gifford tidal road last week.
One, a common dolphin, was found on Torcross beach by the crew working on the road there, while another washed up on Broadsands and a third washed up at Yarmer Sands, both in Thurlestone.
It is unknown why the three dolphins washed up, and two are scheduled to be picked up by the Natural History Museum for post mortem, while the one at Broadsands is too decomposed to be autopsied.
Linda Hingley of Brixham Seawatch was contacted by the foreman working at Torcross line to say they had found a dead common dolphin and had pulled it into their compound to keep it away from the tide.
‘It looks to be a juvenile’ explained Lindy, ‘its a bit lean and may have been a live stranding. The workmen at Torcross have been super helpful. The dolphin at Broadsands looks to have come in at the same time as the one on the tidal road at Aveton Gifford but it has been there too long to be collected.’
If you come across a dolphin, whale or porpoise washed up or stranded on a beach in the South Hams, contact Lindy on 07712 587799.

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