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Woofstock UK organiser, speaks out against dog poo leavers in Dartmouth

“Sir Harry and I, were walking along Higher Street yesterday to discover, much to our disappointment that there were three bags of dog poo in the street. As a dog owner, a dog show organiser and just as a responsible person, can someone explain the logic of this?
“A person goes to the trouble to pick the dog poo up but then attempts to preserve it for the nation by leaving it in a plastic bag in the street. This happens in rural areas, where dog owners adorn trees and bushes alongside known walks with filled poo bags.
“This is exactly the sort of behaviour we need to stamp out. It gives dog owners a bad name. I know they are only a minority people out there but all dog owners are then tarred by the same brush of irresponsibility that simply we do not care.
“Quite simply pick it, bag it and bin it. Don’t become an embarrassment to your self and your dog.
“We at Woofstock UK want responsible dog owners behaviour. Come to Woofstock UK on Saturday, August 5th and you’ll meet people who know how important it is that we clean up after our dogs.”
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